The residence oxygen generator is uncomplicated to use, portable, and appropriate for many men and women. The auto and house twin-use type is ideal for dwelling use, and can also be used in the automobile with the electrical power of the auto. Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas. It is an vital material for the human body、other animals and plants. With out oxygen, there will be no existence in character. Its great importance is like drinking water. Oxygen is greatly used, and it is inseparable from all walks of everyday living, like healthcare treatment and natural beauty treatment.
Doing the job basic principle of household oxygen generator:
Using molecular sieve bodily adsorption and desorption technological know-how. The oxygen generator is loaded with molecular sieve, which can take up nitrogen in the air when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is gathered and gets higher-purity oxygen immediately after purification. The molecular sieve discharges the adsorbed nitrogen back into the ambient air all through the decompression, and can adsorb nitrogen and make oxygen all through the following pressurization. The complete course of action is a periodic dynamic cycle procedure, and the molecular sieve is not consumed.
The objective of dwelling oxygen remedy
The reason of long-expression oxygen remedy is to correct Hypoxemia, enhance the survival rate of people, improve the excellent of life and neuropsychiatric status.It can reduce polycythemia, protect against nocturnal hypoxemia, boost snooze good quality. It is good to protect against the incidence of pulmonary heart sickness and ideal heart failure and lower professional medical fees, like the quantity of hospitalizations and the variety of times of hospitalization.
Precautions for household oxygen therapy:
one.Choose the oxygen inhalation time moderately.For people with serious chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary perform abnormalities, and oxygen partial tension continually beneath 60 mmHg, oxygen therapy really should be specified for more than 15 hrs for every day for some individuals, there is no or only moderate hypoxemia, when they are anxious or worn out, offering oxygen for a limited time can relieve the soreness of "shortness of breath"

2.Spend awareness to manage the oxygen stream.Frequently, it is 1 to 1.five liters for every moment, and the circulation price need to be adjusted ahead of use.Simply because superior-stream oxygen inhalation can aggravate the accumulation of carbon dioxide in COPD clients and lead to pulmonary encephalopathy

three. The most significant thing is to inhale oxygen safely and securely.The oxygen supply system should be shock-evidence, oil-proof, fireplace-evidence and heat-proof.When transporting the oxygen cylinder, avoid dumping and impression to protect against explosionBecause oxygen can assist combustion, oxygen cylinders need to be put in a great spot, absent from fireworks and flammable products and solutions, at minimum 5 meters away from the stove and 1 meter absent from the heater

4. Spend consideration to the humidification of oxygen.The humidity of the oxygen introduced from the compressed bottle is mainly lessen than 4%. The small-stream oxygen source works by using a bubble-variety humidification bottle, and one/two of the cold water should be added to the humidification bottle

Added benefits of house oxygen therapy

one. Utilizing an oxygen generator to inhale oxygen can alleviate fatigue, irritability, exhaustion, dizziness, loss of hunger and other discomforts caused by very long-phrase psychological function, be certain significant-pace brain operation, Earloop 3-ply Mask and make improvements to perform and research efficiency

two. Normal oxygen inhalation applying an oxygen concentrator during being pregnant can increase the oxygen content of the arterial blood of the expecting female, which is beneficial to enhance the bodily purpose of the expecting woman and the advancement and progress of the fetus

3. Using the oxygen generator to inhale oxygen regularly prior to heading to mattress at night time can pace up the rate of metabolism of skin tissues, and accelerate the excretion of poisons. It can replenish moisture, participate in a purpose in magnificence skin treatment and hold off aging also

four. Regular use of oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen can also reduce anxious stress, temper irritability and other sub-wellness situations

Wholesome folks can use household oxygen remedy to health supplement oxygen to thoroughly clean the respiratory system, advertise a virtuous cycle of metabolic procedures, and increase the body’s complete immunity, so they can accomplish condition avoidance and wellbeing treatment

Self-cleansing and each day upkeep of household oxygen generato

1. Cleaning of the shel

Normally, the housing of a home oxygen generator is cleaned when a thirty day period. When cleansing, be cautious to reduce off the electricity source to reduce electric shock. When scrubbing, use a cleanse and delicate cloth, and get a small amount of money of disinfectant to wipe the shell little by little. Be certain not to enable water into the gaps in the shell

two. Cleansing of the humidifying bottl

Commonly, the distilled h2o or cold water in the humidification bottle of residence oxygen generators should really be replaced just about every day. The humidification bottle should be cleaned when a week. To start with rinse with light-weight detergent and then rinse with h2o to assure the high quality of oxygen.When cleaning the humidification bottle, clean up the core tube mounted in the bottle and the filter component at the base to make certain the oxygen stream effortlessly

three. Alternative of the fuse tub

The replacement of the fuse tube of the house oxygen generator is also an vital technique for the servicing of the oxygen generator. Very first, the electric power wire need to be unplugged, slash off all ability, and then replace the fuse tube of just about every oxygen generator according to the recommendations

four. Cleansing of the oxygen tub

Typically, the oxygen suction tube of the household oxygen generator ought to be cleaned each individual 3 days. The higher nasal suction idea of the oxygen suction tube need to be cleaned immediately after each individual use. It can be soaked in five% potassium permanganate alternative for 5 minutes and then rinsed with clean up drinking water. Wipe with health care liquor. It is advised that the oxygen tube be changed every two months. The oxygen pipe must be kept dry and there ought to be no water droplets

5. Cleansing of the filte

The cleansing of the filter screen shields the compressor and molecular sieve of our oxygen generator, and can also prolong the provider lifetime of the device, so make sure you clean or exchange it in time. When the filter is not put in, the oxygen generator is not permitted to run.

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