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IM MEN is an innovative line by the Japanese fashion house issey miyake l'eau d'issey Miyake. The collection includes a variety of practical and l'eau d'issey pour homme comfortable pants jackets, trench coats, jackets and sweathers. The collection also includes shoes that are practical and minimalist. The collection is scheduled to launch on March 13th at the Aoyama flagship store. We've compiled some of the best looks from the catalog.

Homme Plisse

The Issey Myake Homme Pliss collection is a unique collection with distinctive textures. The brand's unisex approach to design seeks to bring function and form together. The fabrics are wrinkle resistant and have a an easy-to-fit. The designs are sporty, and the materials are designed to encourage movement. The collection is designed for the modern man and can easily be dressed up or Issey Miyake Pour Homme down for any occasion.

The Issey Myake Homme Pliss collection offers a variety of styles for men. These pieces are made of 100% recycled polyester yarn. The brand's signature pleating gives an elegant silhouette and stops the wearer from appearing slender. The collection also features a variety of colors and wrinkle-resistant wares. For the most comfortable experience, Issey Miyake Homme Plisse is a must-have piece of every man's wardrobe.

The designer's Homme Plisse line was launched in 2013 and follows the same design philosophy as her previous line, Pleats Please. The undulating textures of the Homme Plisse line have become synonymous with the Japanese fashion industry. A pair of the Homme Plisse pants can cost you up to $150, and the designer's jackets can cost up to $1500. Although these jackets are pricey, they are made from high-quality fabric which won't keep you sweaty for days on end.

issey miyake aftershave Myake's Homme Plisse collection makes pleated menswear modern and sophisticated with its upscale style. Micro-pleating technique creates pleats in the Issey Mikae Homme Plisse collection. This unique technique allows the material to maintain its shape, but also to dry quickly. This style can be worn anywhere whatever the occasion.

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport

Issey Miyake's new masculine fragrance, L'Eau d'Issau d'Homme Sport, is a fresh, vibrant scent made for active men. It opens with a sour tart bergamot and grapefruit aroma before moving into a warm, nutmeg-scented heart. The scent is pleasant, smooth and warm finish thanks to its dry, woody, and dry base of cedar, vetiver, and vetiver.

The masculine scent is soft and refreshing with notes of yuzu and nutmeg. To avoid any juiciness, the sport version employs traditional Bergamot instead of mandarin. It's not as complex as the original scent, minus the verbena, and a myriad of dusty spices. It's still got a hint of leather.

The scent is aimed at active men who enjoy physical activities. Its citrusy-spicy aroma starts out with fresh bergamot and citrus accord, then gradually fades to a rich, woody base. It's all rounded out with some leather. It's not just for men who are active However. It's also great for casual wear.

L'Eau d'Issau d'Issey Pour Eau de Toilette spray by issey miyake l'eau d'issey pour homme Myake is a contemporary aquatic fragrance created for men who are active. It's made up of an earthy base, citrus top notes, with a hint of tobacco, and a hint of Nutmeg. L'Eau de d'Issey pour Homme Sport, unlike other fragrances for men, is versatile enough that it can be used as a daytime perfume.


The work of a Japanese designer is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the US. The IN-EI Issey Miyake menswear collection is no exception. It was designed by Issey Miyake in Tokyo and manufactured by Artemide. This collection of menswear is a blend of classic style and the latest technology. In addition to the menswear line, the IN-EI is available for the home as a stunning lamp complete with a unique shapely base.

The menswear line was first seen on the international stage last July when the Aomori University Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics team showed off a collection of his designs. The clothing is both stylish and issey miyake pour homme comfortable and the slim-fit and soft fabric allows it to be worn to work as well. Steve Jobs was the most well-known person to wear Miyake clothing for more than two decades. He had polo neck sweaters from the brand almost every year.

After studying at the Tama Art University in Tokyo The issey miyake pour homme - click through the next website, Myake men's line was launched in 1970. He went on to work for some of the world's leading fashion houses, including Givenchy, Guy Laroche, and Geoffrey Beene. In 1971 He returned to Japan and started his own company, Miyake Design Studio Inc. His first collection was showcased in New York City in 1971. The men's collection was first shown in Paris in 1971. It was followed by several shows in the United States. In 1978, the brand was renamed ISSEY MIYAKE MENS.

The IN-EI lampshade collection was made from recycled plastic bottles. The folded textile pieces form lamp shapes that change as light passes through. In-Ei lampshade is a continuation of Miyake's "reality lab" project and a superb illustration of his ingenuity to materials and design. It is also available in table lamps and floor lamps. It is also possible to find Miyake menswear online.

132 5

Issey is well-known for its distinctive pieces and big designs. The 132 5 collection is a blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the latest technology. To create a unique fashion the garments are folded and then flattened. The garments are then embellished with foil, creating subtle glimmer.

This Japanese brand is synonymous for cool. It is an extremely well-known brand with a large following. It is often modeled in the style of traditional Chinese or Japanese art. Anyone who is drawn to the vibrant colours and unique designs can wear them with many outfits and look amazing in any circumstance. A staple in every wardrobe is the classic Japanese style. A pair of jeans in the 132 5 will always be a bold statement.

Issey Miyake Men 132 5-style jeans are an essential accessory to any wardrobe. The classic design is enhanced by modern features like a belt with leather and a slimmer cut. A blazer can be worn with any outfit and is an elegant and timeless piece. A blazer with the design 132 5 is a good option when you have money to spend.


In 1992, Issey Miyake's male clothing line FINAL HOME was launched in 1992. It is known for its practical and creative designs. The line is managed by Kosuke Tsumura, a Japanese designer with a long and varied artistic career. Tsumura is known for his futuristic vision and unique take on basic starting points and l eau d issey pour homme functionality. His designs are practical and enjoyable and many of his clothes for men can be worn separately garments.

The Issey Miyake men's collection includes everything from shirts and ties to the colognes and hats. The scents that he has created are the best known, and his signature scent, L'Eau d'Issey is a classic. The scents are as original as his clothing and make men feel great. Both perfumes and colognes are fantastic, but the fragrances stand out.Issey-Miyake-LEau-dIssey-Pour-Homme-Eau-

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