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The Best Hand Pipes For Every Smoking Enthusiast

frozen-lizard-glass-pipe.jpg?v=151581296Whether you're a first timer or an experienced smoker, having a handpipe on the go is crucial for smoking your preferred tobacco. Hand pipes are convenient and easy to use meaning you can smoke as much or as little as you like. There are a variety of hand pipes available, and you'll be able to find the right one.

Glass pipes last for many years

If you're just beginning to smoke marijuana or looking for a new smoking accessory, an Glass Pipe is the way to go. They are sleek and durable, and provide the best hits and a easy smoking experience. They can be used on the go and come in different styles.

The first thing you should know is that the quality of your pipe will depend on the manufacturer. Some pipes are manufactured in factories to ensure consistency, whereas others are blown by hand. These pipes are made by artists who are bursting with creativity and a drive to ensure they last.

The other thing to know is that your glass pipe is more likely to break if not cautious. It is important to keep your glass pipe clean so that it can maintain its beauty. A reputable seller might offer an offer on a new model.

Another thing to be aware of is that certain pipes are made to burn a specific substance. They are not always the most relaxing. You may also experience a metallic taste. To eliminate persistent resin buildup, you can use a pipecleaner.

The most well-known style of glass pipe is the spoon. The bowl is located on the top edge , and the carburetor is situated on the side. The choke controls airflow when the pipe is smoked.

Silicone pipes

A silicone handpipe is a great alternative for those who travel, vacations, or simply needs a replacement to an old glass one. They are lightweight and durable, and are available in a range of cool colors. They are also very convenient to store and take with you.

A silicone pipe bowl is designed to be used for dry herb. It is easy-to-clean and comes with a removable cover to shield the herbs. This makes it simple to keep them fresh. They are also ideal for outdoor use.

These pipes are made of medical-grade silicone. They are safe to use and produce extremely low levels of toxic fumes. They are impervious to damage caused by harsh environments. They are light and can be carried in pockets or bags. They are also very affordable.

Silicone pipes are much easier to clean than traditional smoking tools. They can be cleaned using a brush, without breaking or shattering. They can also be frozen to clean out any residue.

Silicone bongs make a great option for smokers just starting out because they are easy to take apart and clean. They are also less expensive than glass bongs.

While silicone pipes may not be as transparent as glass pipes, they are more durable and will last longer. They are also lighter and more flexible. They can be carried in a bag or a backpack, and are easy to carry around.

Spoon pipes

A spoon pipe is a fantastic option, whether you're looking for an portable smoking device for your next outdoor adventure or just a simple efficient smoking device. Not only are they durable, they're also inexpensive.

They are simple to use and clean making them perfect for those who prefer to smoke discreetly. They're also available in various sizes and shapes making it simple to find the right one for you.

The way you use your spoon pipes will depend on the material you choose. You can get them in glass, but they are also made of wood and silicone.

Whatever material you choose, make sure to examine the mouthpiece for cracks. Depending on the amount of debris and residue you accumulate, you may need to clean your spoon pipe more frequently than other types of hand pipes. It's easy to do this by using a pipe cleaner.

You'll also need to ensure that your pipe has a screen. These screens keep the ash out of your mouth. This allows for a smooth bite.

The price of the pipe is determined by the size of its chamber and other factors, like the materials used to make the handle or bowl. Larger chambers provide a more comfortable and smoother smoking experience.

A glass spoon pipe is a great option if you're looking for a classic and affordable hand pipe. Although glass pipes can be more expensive, they're typically extremely sturdy and offer quality smoking experience.


Chillums were a popular choice in India, South America, Africa. They gained popularity in the United States during the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, especially in Greenwich Village. Today, chillums are very popular in western countries.

These pipes are a standard handpipe, however they have distinct characteristics that distinguish them from other kinds of handpipes. The carb is the most significant difference. While the hand pipe lets you to control your hit, chillums don't. This is because smoke is delivered directly to your mouth via the bowl.

Chilled are easy to clean. The pipe is made from glass, which means you can clean it by putting it in the zip lock bag and rub salt into it. To clean it, you can also make use of a twisted towel. This will get rid of dirt, bacteria, and gunk that accumulates in the bowl as well as inside the Ashtray.

For the first couple of puffs, you should hold the chillum at an angle that will prevent it from becoming too hot. It is important to ensure that you do not draw the smoke too fast. This could cause a hot draw and hand irritation to your lung.

Be sure to pack the herb securely. This will ensure that the flowers are evenly cooked and will prevent any debris from entering your mouth.

Some chillums come with mesh screens that stop herbs from falling into the holes. These screens are beneficial for many people but not everyone needs one.


Steamrollers for handpipes are a great option whether you're a beginner or a seasoned smoker who wants to diversify your collection. They are easy-to-clean and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be used to provide an intense, long-lasting and long-lasting hit or for more intense full-bodied smoking.

As opposed to a spoon, or bubbler steamrollers deliver an explosive hit and its design makes it a distinctive look. It's not limited to different shapes, but can also come in various colors.

There are two main types. There are two major kinds of steamrollers: fumed ash catcher, which comes with an ashcatcher mouthpiece, and the daily driver steamroller. The smaller steamroller can be used wherever and is more mobile. The ash catcher with fumed is under six inches long and can be stashed anywhere.

Fumed Ash Catcher's colors change with resin accumulation. It also has feet to prevent it from rolling. This is a great method to get a glass steamroller at an affordable price.

A steamroller usually has a bowl on one end and a carbhole at the other. This allows air to flow through the pipe with no resistance, resulting in a greater hit.

While they're not recommended for those who are just beginning but they can be fun to work up to. Be cautious for the hits can be harsh.


Of all the popular smoking accessories The Sherlock pipe is a favorite. The pipe is designed to be ergonomic and offer a comfortable grip while providing a cleaner pull. It's also great to hit quick on the go.

The Sherlock shape is an iconic design that's been around for some time. It has a bend that holds the Ash. It's also a good idea to cover the carb hole after the first puff.

Some models include a carb on the side or behind the bowl. They are also renowned for their ability to eliminate unwelcome particles. They are not smoking devices that are discreet.

They're a fun way to smoke your herb however, you'll need to be patient. A few seconds too long can lead to huge hot hits. A slower draw will give you more of a smoother pull.

It's also recommended to choose an item with a large bowl. This will allow you more herbs to be stored in the bowl.

It's also a good idea to select pipes that have an arched bowl. This allows the smoke to cool before hitting you, which reduces the impact's harshness.

While you're at the same time, you should get a pipe with an open mouthpiece. This will allow you to get a better pull from your flower. It's a good idea to buy a hand pipe that's made of glass rather than metal. The glass version will last longer and be simpler to clean.

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