AFL Wit Style Clothes Designer Rebekah Klodinsky Pleads Guilty To Stealing

by Thalia48985239024 posted Jun 24, 2022


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An AFL Shake and mode room decorator whose bikinis are loved by A-leaning stars has pleaded guilty to thieving an iPhone 6 during a difference of opinion all over harm to her Porsche. 

Rebecca Jane Klodinsky, the girlfriend of Geelong Cats hotshot Lachie Henderson, fronted Southport Magistrates Royal court on Monday over the incidental at a Gold Coast carwash in 2015.  

The motor inn heard the 30-year-quondam mother-of-ace refused to wage the cleaning card for her blackness Porsche putsch subsequently claiming it was scratched by staff, the  reports. 

Police force public prosecutor Police sergeant Reece Metier aforesaid an debate skint out 'tween Klodinsky and the manager, who condemned her railroad car keys until the fee was finalised. 

Rebekah Jane Klodinsky, the girl of Geelong Cats asterisk Lachie Henderson (envisioned together), pleaded shamefaced to thieving an iPhone in Southport Magistrates Solicit on Monday

'[Once the keys were returned] the defendant has then grabbed the Mobile headphone from the comeback and said, "I'll take the phone for the damage", Maddison 'Sgt Loudly aforesaid.

Klodinsky was arranged to yield $860 restitution for the phone, which was never recovered, and situated on a $500 six-month ripe behavior bond, with no judgment of conviction recorded.  

Defense lawyer Claudia Arbon aforementioned her client was 'humiliated and ashamed'  by the incidental and volition to bear regaining of the phone's value, which she recommended would lone be $200 to $300 disposed the modeling was at present obsolete. 

Only magistrate Catherine Piri coherent Klodinsky to earnings the estimated monetary value of the telephone set at the prison term it was interpreted. 

'At the fourth dimension it was purloined it was an iPhone 6 but in 2015, it wouldn't consume been Charles Frederick Worth $200 vertebral column then, would it?' she aforementioned.

'Your node does non stimulate the do good of saying, ‘Oh well, at present it's useless'. She stole it, it was a unexampled phone, and she hasn't returned it, that exit was suffered by the proprietor.'

Klodinsky was 24 years sometime when she launched IIXIIST, and so known as Frankie Swim, in Dec 2013 piece operative in retail full-time. 

The brand became an external success, with the likes of Bella Hadid, members of the Kardashian-Jenner kin group and Rihanna entirely donning the minimalist bikinis on sociable media, turn o'er a walloping $7meg per class.  

The style room decorator was logical to give $860 in indemnity and placed on a six-month salutary behaviour bond