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A Star gaming manager who borrowed more than $7000 from employees to fund her gambling addiction has been fired and banned from the Sydney casino.

Minh Nguyen was a Casino Special Employee supervising gaming tables and security among other important roles when she borrowed thousands from staff under her management in 2020 and 2021.

After cutting one employee's shift short she offered to drive them home and asked for $1000 while speaking about family issues.

She then stopped at an ATM so they could extract the cash, and only paid the money back several months later at a petrol station after the staff member made multiple attempts to retrieve the loan.

Ms Nguyen also asked for $3000 from another employee and promised to return it within two months, and was given $2000 but repaid only half that amount five months later.

The casino employee was then unable to be contacted due to unanswered calls and disconnected phone numbers.

Staff reported they were scared to discuss the issue and http://google.com felt like they could not say no to their manager.

NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority chairman Phillip Crawford said her licence was revoked to prevent further gambling-related harms.

"The repeated nature of the contraventions indicates a lack of honesty and considerable lack of diligence or ability with respect to regulatory compliance," he said in a statement.

He said the decision was to also help with her "personal gambling addiction".


Ms Nguyen stated she did not feel she used her powerful position to influence those staff members into giving her money.

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