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ti-ten-showstopper-beaker-4.jpg?v=151874The Basics of Smoking Bongs

If you are a veteran cannabis user or just beginning to dabble in the world of smoking a bong, you'll need familiar with the fundamentals about this particular activity. For instance, you have to understand how to vaporize the cannabis before you smoke it. Also, you need to be aware of how to properly clean the bong.


Glass bongs, unlike plastic ones, give you pure smoke and a cool, enjoyable smoking experience. They are also healthier for your lung. They can remove dry herbs and tobacco.

A few large glass bongs feature an elaborate filtering system. They could have several layers of diffusers and smoking bong percolators. This filtration process helps to remove the psychoactive elements of marijuana smoke.

Glass bongs are made of high-quality borosilicate glasses that are heat-resistant. They are available in many different shapes and styles. Most are hand-blown.

The slide-carb is a common carb that can be found in glass bongs. Some models have a carb hole. It is a small gap between the neck and the bong's base. This hole is used to control the amount of air that can be removed from the bong.

Most bongs are made out of either glass or plastic. The material of choice depends on the kind of bong and its intended use. Some bongs are made from bamboo.

If you are a beginner you should choose a glass bong. They are less difficult to keep clean and maintain than bongs made of plastic. Apart from that they're also more durable.

They are a fad within the cannabis community. They are fashionable and are portable.

Apart from that, they are also very simple to use. They can be used as a portable smoking device for dry herbs.


Choosing a plastic smoking bong can be a good choice for those looking for an affordable method of smoking cannabis. Although, these bongs can be a bit more complicated to clean than glass counterparts.

These bongs are typically made of silicone or plastic. Both are affordable. They are also durable and are simple to process. Both of these substances can be hazardous. Many countries are not doing enough to regulate plastics. This can result in the production of harmful chemicals.

The bongs feature two large holes which can be used as a water pipe. The water in the bong can trap larger smoke particles and block them from reaching your lung.

The bong might also include a stem and a downstem. To access the water bottle, you can remove the downstem.

These bongs aren't as robust as ceramic bongs and are more likely to break if dropped. They also can produce unpleasant odors when they are heated.

Some bongs made of acrylic also have downstems and bowls that are removable. This allows you to clean specific areas of the bong using alcohol or salt, or sea salt.

One of the primary reasons for purchasing bongs made of plastic is its durability. If you're planning to travel extensively, or just don't like rolling your own blunts then these bongs are a great option.


No matter if you're a novice bong smoker or an experienced there are plenty of advantages for using a ceramic-based bong. They're not as durable as glass , but they are more easy to clean, less breakable and offer an extremely smooth, cool smoking experience. But there are some disadvantages to having one.

The My Bud Vase, a Pakalolo water piper ceramic bong is an excellent option if you're seeking a stylish and functional bong. It has an ordinary rubber grommet, and the base of pink ceramic. It's ideal for adding some style to your head shop.

Another option is the Iro Recycler Rig. It has an aluminum bowl with an elongated bottom, which is ideal for smoking. It also comes with an adjustable downstem as well as the recycler is shaped in a bell.

The My Bud Vase Pakalolo, which is a less expensive option is a great choice to add the color of your collection. The water pipe is decorated with a blue fern leaf design, a pink ceramic base and an ordinary grommet made of rubber. It ships with flowers and looks beautiful in any decor.

When compared to other bongs the My Bud Vase is different from other bongs. It also has a unique form that looks like an old-fashioned centerpiece. It is constructed from top-quality materials and comes with a food-grade glaze. It's a great addition any head shop and is a must-have item for collectors.

Dab rigs

It can be a bit confusing to learn how to use a dab-rig, regardless of whether you're new to the world of dab-rigs or have used bongs for a long time. The procedure is similar to that of bongs, however, it's made for concentrates.

There are a variety of dab rigs. Some come with domes or other features that make them look more appealing, whereas others are less complicated. The most important thing to do when using a dab-rig is read the instructions.

To begin dabbing, you'll need the nail and a tiny torch for butane. It's also necessary to put a carb cap on your rig to control the pressure inside.

Next, you'll want to fill the chamber with water and a amount of oil. This will chill the vapor and keep it from getting too hot. The vapors will then pass through the body of the dab pipe.

After a while the bubbles will stop popping and the smoke will be ready to inhale. For beginners, it is best to inhale only a small amount. Once you're comfortable, inhale until you notice the effects.

Once you're done, you can either wash the rig using an isopropyl-based solution or cloth. You should not heat the glass on your rig as this could cause terpenes to burn.

A bong can lead to necrotizing pneumonia

The most serious health risk from smoking marijuana is the risk of developing an infection and lung damage. One example is the chance of contracting bacterial pneumonia. The risk increases because of immune-reducing medications and smoking tobacco.

Other dangers include sharing bongs, which could spread infectious illnesses like pulmonary tuberculosis. The latest evidence suggests that vaping has been linked to eosinophilic pulmonary pneumonia, a form of pneumonia that is associated with diminished immune defenses in the lungs.

Certain scientists believe that the risk of contracting bacterial pneumonia is lessened if the bong is cleaned, which removes some of the THC in the smoke. A bong that is water-based is safer because it filters out pot smoke.

However, the security of using a bong isn't researched thoroughly. The risks of smoking a bong have been neglected.

The most recent necrotizing pneumonia case in a smoker was discovered by a 15-year-old girl. Lung function tests showed moderately reduced gas transfer and obstruction. But an CT thorax image showed an apical pneumothorax as well as alveolar exudate and miliary necrotizing Granulomata.

The best way to avoid this risk is to wash out the bong after each use. For those who smoke casually, you can smoke for a long time without interruption. This is because mold and bacteria can develop within the water in your bong.

Cleaning a bong

A dirty bong can not just alter the taste of your buds but result in the development of harmful bacteria. This is why it is important to clean a smoking bong after every use.

One of the most commonly used methods to clean a bong is using isopropyl alcohol and salt. This mixture will break down the resin and clean the bong. The best part is that it is a relatively cheap way of restoring a bong's original beauty.

Another alternative is to clean your bong with hydrogen peroxide. Wear gloves when using hydrogen peroxide because it can cause skin burns.

You can use a bottle brush clean plastic or silicone bongs. This will allow you to get rid of areas that are difficult to reach using your fingers.

It is the easiest to mix isopropyl ethanol with coarse salt. The salt adds abrasiveness to the solution. However, this process may require repeated washing.

If your bong for smoking isn't made of plastic, you can make it with baking soda and white vinegar. This combination is effective at taking off ash and stains. Warm water and dish soap can be used to scrub your bathroom. You can then substitute the salt by adding a small amount of rice.

If you want to clean a smoking bong the most important step is to wash it thoroughly with warm water. This will remove any leftover salt and also clean your bong.

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